Marble Games

The somewhat different marble maze for Android - a skill based game for people of all ages.

Inspired by and borrowing from the classic marble maze games, 'Marble Games' adheres to the same basic concept but takes it to a whole new level. With multiple game types that will have you adapt to completely different circumstances and randomly generated mazes to keep things interesting, this game will surely challenge you.
'Marble Games' offers a completely unique experience and even if you have amazing hand-eye coordination and mad device tilting skills it will have you playing for hours.

Skill Game

Adopting the way the classic marble labyrinths are played, you roll the marble through the levels by tilting your device.
This intuitive gameplay will allow you to maneuver the marble around holes and to balance it on narrow pathways.
As with any skill based game, the longer you play, the more skilled you'll become.

Beware: This might improve your hand-eye coordination.

Casual Game

"But what if I'm too clumsy and no good at skill based games?", you might ask.
Even if you've just begun your journey to extraordinary hand-eye coordination and are not yet that adept at rolling marbles through labyrinths, 'Marble Games' is the marble maze game for you.

Thanks to the adjustable sensitivity of the tilt controls and the four different difficulties per game type, 'Marble Games' can be enjoyed even by children.

9 different Game Types


It's just you and the maze.

As simple as it sounds, the path to the finish can be difficult to find. It will require you to make strategic decisions while committing your route to memory in case you need to backtrack - which, to be honest, you'll probably be doing it a lot, since you can seldom rely on luck alone.

Should you be daring enough to enter the vastest mazes, do yourself a favour and bring your camping gear. Or a snack at least.

Pathfinder Plus

You're not seeing double, there are multiple marbles.

What might appear as a minor increase in difficulty at first, can quickly turn into a recipe for disaster.
Marbles everywhere, completely out of control and throwing themselves into holes. It almost seems like magic, but not the good kind.

The task of getting those round bundles of stubbornness to the finish will have you look in multiple directions at once and make you wish you had the power of telekinesis.

Double Sided

The things you didn't ask for, it has them all.

There's an elevator and there are trampolines and it's fun - at first. Then you'll decide to get the pickups located on the underside and throw yourself in good spirit through the nearest hole.
Down here are trampolines as well, many trampolines, and a nice pathway to marvel at the view and it's fun - for those watching you play.

The fact that you want the marble to go one way and it goes the other will not only challenge your brain, it will get your emotions to the surface. Basically it's therapy.

Double Sided Plus

If falling is your preferred mode of transport, this one's for you.

Falling through holes is impossible but falling is the quickest way to get around.
Confused? You surely will be.
The marble rolling on the walls and the resulting need to rotate the maze certainly is a unique set of circumstances that leads to unique states of being lost. The simple task of figuring out which way is up will be a challenge and also utterly pointless.

While you're spinning the maze, the task of collecting the pickups and reaching the finish will be spinning your head.


It's clear that you like mazes.

If you've ever wondered what it would look like if multiple mazes were layered on top of each other, here's the answer:
A weird maze sandwich that's hardly edible, certainly not delicious and will probably give you a stomach cramp.

Starting simple and getting gradually more unnerving, this game type will have you on the edge of your seat as you climb to the top while simultaneously developing a fear of falling through holes.

Tower Plus

No walls and no holes, doesn't that sound nice?

Well, you guessed it, it's not. But since you are a professional you're going to accept the challenge anyways and take the marble, that didn't have any say in the matter, along for the ride.
But don't kid yourself, you've probably bitten off more than you can chew and the marble will pay for it, over and over again.

Riding elevators and dashing down ramps while balancing on a narrow pathway will give you serious hand-eye coordination and help in expanding your collection of swear words.


Wait a second, the holes are following you?

No, you're not paranoid or sleep deprived. You well might be, but that's not the reason why you see the holes move. They move because stationary holes just don't do it anymore, and because they really like your marble.
At least that's what you can tell yourself, if it helps.

The truth is that running away is always the best choice. And running away inside a maze will have you think ahead and you'll feel clever, outwitting the holes, until you maneuver the marble into a dead-end and the holes catch up.

Pursuit Plus

What's better than moving holes? More moving holes.

It's like a pedestrian crossing for your marble, where no one stops for you and everyone drives on the sidewalk in every direction.
Staying too long in the same spot is inadvisable and could lead to serious bodily harm to your marble. Admittedly, that's a bit of an exaggeration. The only thing it might lead to is wear and tear of your device.

It will take a lot of effort and a wide field of view to keep the marble away from the holes closing in from all sides, before you throw it through the next best hole anyways, in an attempt to collect a pickup; congratulations.



A final surprise for those who've seen it all.

You've probably invested way too much time playing this game but finally unlocked all the achievements and now you get your last reward.
A rather unpleasant journey to nowhere that puts all the skills, which you may or may not have acquired, to the test.
An exercise in pointlessness with the sole purpose of showing everyone that you are the best ever.

Prove to the other players that you have overcome all the challenges by putting your name at the top of the most exclusive Leaderboard.

Extensive Statistics and a lot of Achievements


Statistics and Leaderboards

The game offers you extensive local Statistics to keep track of your highscores in the various game types and to inform you of things like how long you've played or how many stars you've earned.

For those who like to compare their skills with their friends and the rest of the world there are Leaderboards (realized with Google Play Games Services) where you can show off your highscores.



You just love collecting stuff?
Of course you do, everybody does. And so there are more than 30 achievements for you to get your hands on.

And to enable your bad habits even further, there is a price that awaits the enduring like you.
Those who unlock all the achievements will get access to the 9th game type. The Parkour.

More interesting Features

Endless Maze

Countless random Levels

Since creating mazes by hand is boring and way too much work, your device volunteered to do the job.

Handing off the work to the electronics and leaving the planning of the mazes mostly to chance offers the possibility to create gigantic levels. Those you won't get since it would be irresponsible to turn your device into a pointless heater with serious issues like global warming being of concern. Oh, and there's the playability of course.

But don't fret, you'll still benefit from the random level generation:
You get random mazes for every new game, so you won't run out of new mazes to master and won't ever have to complain about playing the same level twice.


Customizable Appearance

For the creative ones among you there are customizable colors - giving you the opportunity to create your own Picasso.

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the standard color scheme might assault the delicate senses of the art connoisseurs among you, the color customization is the perfect way to ensure you won't suffer permanent eye damage.

And not to forget that you can choose between 7 different skins for your marble(s). One of which had the honor to lend itself to a minute touch of self-aggrandizement.

Helping Hand

Freely adjustable Sensitivity and Checkpoints

Don't worry if you have two left hands.
To keep frustration in check, the control's sensitivity can be adjusted to fit your skills, so you may overcome even the toughest challenges.
Once you honed your skills, what you undoubtedly will, you can increase the sensitivity to improve your scores.

And should you have a hard time resisting the urge to throw the marble into the abyss, you may use the checkpoint function, so you won't have to keep restarting the entire level again.

Google Play Games Services

Google Play Games Services

As Google is everywhere anyhow, we decided to integrate it in our game too.

Without any apparent downsides, you can enjoy all the perks the integration is offering you:

  • Online Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Saving to the Google Cloud to preserve your progress across installations
  • Syncing your progress on multiple devices

It's free. What are you waiting for?

But remember to be nice - especially to your device!

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